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Cannon: 28

Sailing: 23

Sword: 30

Shooting: 30

Doll: 30

Dagger: 30

Grenade: 28

Staff: 27

Potions: 20

Fishing: 20

Pirate: 50



Lord Lawrence

Grace Redskull


Johnny Goldtimbers

Jeremiah Garland

Emily Darkvane

Hannah Bluefeather


Enemies defeated: 34,468

Ships sunk: 4,118

Time in jail: 830

Screenshot 2013-08-25 22-29-51
Screenshot 2013-07-13 23-43-16

when I was co. gm of imperial law

Screenshot 2013-08-25 22-28-22

Tormenta= favorite looting area

Screenshot 2013-08-25 22-20-03
Pirate by mo013-741289
Screenshot 2013-08-25 21-43-16
Screenshot 2013-08-25 21-43-36
Screenshot 2013-06-25 16-10-22

Stormwalker and Madster (partners in crime)

More to be added on

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